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PopMatters seeks essays (1,200 to 3,000 words, usually) about any aspect of popular culture, present or past. (If you are interested in pitching a review of some specific current work or performance, please contact the appropriate reviews editor.) We're looking for careful analysis of the chosen subject matter with the intention of supporting an original thesis; we're not interested in articles that merely want to promote their subject. An assessment of what ideological work a given cultural phenomenon performs (i.e., what has allowed something to become popular, what’s at stake in its popularity besides money, how it is situated in a historical or geographical context, etc.) is especially welcome. Ideally essays will draw on sophisticated interpretive strategies derived from a theoretically informed point of view. Essays will written in an erudite yet entertaining magazine-style manner for our savvy readership.

For examples of the diversity of topics and range of approaches we welcome, please have a look at PopMatters features and columns archives.

Please submit pitches and/or final essays you’d like us to consider along with a brief bio and links to your published work.