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PopMatters publishes for posterity. Our roots are in academia, and our mission is to educate as well as entertain, with an awareness of our place on the cultural/historical continuum – that's the matters in PopMatters, that's what differentiates this online magazine, est. 1999, from other "pop culture websites". Readers rely on PopMatters for articles that meet their intellectual caliber.

PopMatters welcomes articles on a wide range of subjects in culture throughout the globe, past and present and for those who dare, the speculative future. PopMatters' writers, like PopMatters' readers, are educated, informed, pop culture savvy, located throughout the world -- and they know their history – and they bring this level of engagement to the articles they present to our readers. Writers interested in bringing their intelligence, creativity, and passion to this fine magazine are welcome and appreciated.

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Please apply HTML code to your articles, e.g. italics (<i></i>) for titles of films, books, and albums; song and article titles and book chapter titles are in quotes. If you are unfamiliar with HTML code, an accessible guide for its usage can be found here. (Note: HTML coding for paragraphs (<p>) and line breaks (<br>) are no longer accepted. Please just provide a double space between paragraphs.)

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