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PopMatters welcomes essays (min. 1,200 words, no maximum limit, so long as the essay supports the length) on a wide range of topics in popular culture, past and present. (If you are interested in pitching a regular review, please contact the appropriate reviews editor.) 

We're looking for careful analysis of the chosen subject matter with the intention of supporting an original thesis; we're not interested in articles that merely want to promote their subject. An assessment of what ideological work a given cultural phenomenon performs (i.e., what has allowed something to become popular, what’s at stake in its popularity besides money, how is it situated in a historical or geographical context, etc.) is especially welcome. Be sure to provide proper attribution to cited sources (in parenthesis following the citation -- no footnotes, please). Accepted essays will convey a strong historical understanding of the subject matter and be written in an erudite yet entertaining magazine-style manner for our savvy readership

In preparing your essay for submission, please use HTML code when appropriate, e.g. italics (<i></i>) for titles of films, books, and albums; song and article titles and book chapter titles are in quotes' boldface (<b></b>) for article subheaders. If you are unfamiliar with HTML code, an accessible guide for its usage can be found here(Note: HTML coding for paragraphs (<p>) and line breaks (<br>) are not necessary. Just provide a double space between paragraphs.)

For examples of the diversity of topics and range of approaches we welcome, please have a look at PopMatters features and columns archives.

Please include with your essay a summary, your bio, and links to your published work. Also include a short bio (2-3 lines) to be included in your essay, should it be accepted for publication on PopMatters.


Before submitting your essay, you must sign the PopMatters Writer's Agreement. This can be found online here.

This Submittable page is not meant for promotions of a band, artist, or any product of culture. If you want to pitch new product releases, please contact the relevant section editor. 

An editor may contact you regarding for revisions. By submitting your essay to PopMatters, you agree to work with an editor in the event that revisions are needed.

Thank you for your interest in PopMatters.